Wreck This Journal Since 2009
Wreck This Journal Since 2009
My sister bought me this Wreck This Journal back in 24th of July, 2009. I've been meaning to upload photos of it but I never got to since I completely forgot I had it. Now it has become overrated on tumblr, but whatever I will still continue it. It also makes me a little sad that people don't put effort into doing their WTJ nowadays. Their goal is to just complete it. But you should take time and put creativity into your beautiful journal. xx

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giicrossing: Thx for following me! -wrecking-journal- ♡

no problemo <3

rnaccasrun: i love your journal, it's like sex on legs, i wish i was as artistic as you :(

haha oh man thanks xx youre lovely 

02:50 Hide a secret message somewhere in the book
02:42 Scrub this page
02:40 This space is dedicated to internal monologue. 
00:57 Write with the pen in your mouth.
00:51 Write or draw with your left hand. 
22:51 Glue in a photo of yourself you dislike. Deface
22:47 Hang the journal in a public place. Invite people to draw here.
22:25 Infuse this page with a smell of your choosing.